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Expertise AND Experience that Matters

In providing dental care, professionalism is of utmost importance when it comes to dental practice. We believe that true professionalism comes from experience and expertise of the doctor and the staff. Dr. Suh is an established expert when it comes to treating difficult and sensitive cases such as surgical implants, TMJ, sleep apnea, but also a doctor with years of experience in handling the most unique cases, understanding patients’ concerns, for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. Over the years, Dr. Suh built up a reputation as the most referred dentist when it comes to complex cases.



From Start to Finish

Patients should be able to trust their dentists. We believe that trust can’t be forged, it is earned and built from start to finish. At Suh Dental, quality care includes not only comfortable and convenient setting but a bigger part has to do with honesty and respect. We are honest about how we can help and respectful in how we offer our service. We encourage our patients to ask for resources. We invest time in informing our patients with the process, diagnosis, and treatment so that the patient is better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and well being.


Patients First

Providing Solutions

At Suh Dental, prioritizing patients means providing real solutions, not just Band-Aids, thinking through each patient’s customized needs. With state of the art equipment, educated staff, we continue to update ourselves with the latest techniques, findings, policies, and technology to best serve our patients. We understand and committed to a successful treatment, one that patients play a role in – understanding and cooperating each and every step of the treatment so that there are no surprises. Dr. Suh is also one of the very few dentists is the state who understands the intricacy of leveraging medical billing to help with dental treatment costs.

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