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Lorena Kiraly

…..I went knee deep into my own search and found out that..there are few dentists in the state with his skill set .. I had been suffering from daily headaches for four years. By the time I met him, I had full medical team working towards finding the answers for the headaches….I now have had multiple procedures and am thrilled to report that I am seeing a reduction in the daily headaches.

Martha Valet

Dr. David, you are the best dentist. I love my new tooth!!

John and Lynette Kaawa

My husband John and I have had the worst experience finding a dentist, a good one. We both came to the realization that none exist…My husband and I decided to take a chance with Dr. Suh. Dr. Suh met with me and explained the whole process…the way he does things so that we have no missed communication. No one should have to be afraid to go see a dentist. I don’t have that problem anymore and neither does my husband.

Malaika Manasseh

…my entire family was raving about my smile at dinner last Saturday night. They deemed you a most gifted dentist who can transform a seriously botched job.

Pastor Ben Meyers

I know my wife and I were clearly able to understand what we needed to do first, and then what steps we needed to take to get the most work completed in the most cost effective manner.

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